Meet @BresciaAttiva, a civic list for the May 14-15 municipal elections in which people of all ages have been engaged for months day and night in planning and sharing their vision of the city: a just, safe, inclusive and green Brescia! 🌱

Despite the fact that I am not from Brescia, the proposals for the city contained in the program immediately caught my attention, and since the need for a website to involve the citizenry even more became apparent, a stimulating and fruitful collaboration began that led to the creation of 💻

I’m very pleased with everything we’ve accomplished, so much so because I’ve gotten to know amazing prefessionistsə (including amazing illustrator Marta Maldini who not only took care of the color palette and choice of typography but also created spectacular ad hoc graphics) as much as because I am sure that realities like Brescia Attiva are hotbeds of visionary and creative ideas that are also feasible and must be implemented if we want to aspire to cities within the reach of everyone, human and non-human alike.

Read the program, get inspired, drop by the headquarters for a pirlo and let me know what you think of the site! 🌏🌎🌍

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- BresciaAttiva

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