Hi! My name is Michele

I am an architect, content creator and eco-maker, I call myself an interdisciplinary designer

In both work and life, I combine a background in graphic, architectural, urban-natural design with a passion for communication, an interest in human centered design, a predilection as a problem solver, and a soul as a human being motivated to minimize one’s ecological footprint.

He is always poldo



Plants, Social innovation, Project

Scheduled to be in attendance once a week in Florence at the charming Villa Bardini, factually followed online because of the pandemic, the master’s program I attended was revelatory in many ways.

A course of study that ranges from strategies of the plant world to social dynamics and design of physical space at different scales, all from an interdisciplinary integration perspective for solving complex problems.

An experience open to anyone who wants to ask questions to formulate truly innovative proposals, where diversity is the fuse for an explosion of creativity.

Master's Degree in Architecture and Design

Design at different, often interconnected scales, from the urban-territorial to the intimate microscopic bathroom of a hypothetical Venetian artist

I think the thesis project is illustrative of the milestone achieved during the college experience.

Numerous late nights in front of a 15″ to close the last board, as much mine as those of others, converged in an interdisciplinary designer who, contrary to the figure of thearchistar,

  • deals with social, environmental problems with and for the community in which it intervenes.
  • pays special attention to clearly communicating one’s idea for the involvement of allə in the ideation process
  • Is aware of the world around him and descends into it to catch do shadows.

This thesis project investigates the possible reconstruction of a village as well as a region of Syria, fitting into a broader research context that explores opportunities for the reactivation of the economic and cultural process after the Syrian conflict that is still ongoing.
To get there, in the context of the fertile crescent, it is crucial to think about the reactivation of agricultural production, which implies water availability: the project deals with both the reconfiguration of the urban fabric in the boundary zone between green and desert, and the redesign and redesign of the agricultural context.

The changing design of the only works assumed in the fertile area of the territory was born as a response to the problem of water evaporation in the canals, which are always exposed to the sun, and the considerable amount of rubble to be disposed of, as well as an economically collapsing community.

The design of a slender and durable cover thus becomes an opportunity for multiple solutions: at zero elevation it acts as a water cover in canals, while when raised on embankments made by giving new life to rubble, it becomes the shading tool of functional spaces for local production activities.

Diploma in graphic design and communication

Concept, design and development of 2D and 3D graphics

Address chosen because I did not feel ready for the knowledge of high schools, but also because–in retrospect–the need to express myself in forms other than writing grew in me: it turned out to be a great choice.

  • A few years later I realized that I had probably learned little of the infamous Basic Culture, but I am working on it;
  • I have learned to see colors, shapes, typographies, compositions, contrasts, as containers of numerous meanings depending on the observer;
  • I showed off some hidden talent in beer pong;
  • I became seduced by the Holy trinitAbobe (Illustrator | Photoshop | Indesign) that still accompanies many of my projects.

The address I took started the same year I started: nice huh? Yes, I’ve been excited about it for almost five years, too. Then one fine day in my senior year I was confronted with a sophomore class:
at their age I used to write notes on paint, they with the same dexterity would layout posters and magazines. Thank you public education!

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